Welcome to www.foodsecurity.ac.uk – a new destination on the web for information about the looming food security crisis facing the world and the research underway to help us all to have access to safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainably produced food. 

Whether you live in an affluent western country and get your food in the weekly shop from the supermarket or are a subsistence farmer in the developing world, the challenge of food security will change your life in the coming years. 

This website aims to bring together articles, video and blog posts for anyone interested in understanding more about food security issues and research.

www.foodsecurity.ac.uk is produced by BBSRC – the UK’s largest public funder of agricultural and food related research. But BBSRC working alone will not prevent the world facing a food security crisis. This website today is just a starting point. We want to see everyone with a stake in this issue contributing their ideas and stories.

The central part of www.foodsecurity.ac.uk – this blog – reflects this need for partnership. The blog will not be written by one author, but instead we will welcome many authors and many views on the issue. Over the coming weeks you will be able to read blog posts from Phillip Lowe, a social scientist from Newcastle University, Peter Kendall, President of the National Farmers’ Union and Ian Crute, Chief Scientist at the AHDB.

And we would like to hear what you think about their views. The blog has an easy-to-use comments section that requires no registration. I hope that this will become a place for provocative debate on food security issues and research.

www.foodsecurity.ac.uk deals with the challenges of providing safe, affordable and nutritious food in ‘The Issue’ section. This details the background to food security, a history of modern agriculture, facts and figures about the problem and projections on what may happen in the future.

Meeting the challenge is only going to be achieved through deploying world-class research. The section ‘Research in Action’ outlines the impact that research has already had on food production, the current world-class science already underway in universities and institutes across the UK and the research challenges that scientists are going to have to overcome.

These research challenges are significant, the aims ambitious, but they are achievable given coordinated, multidisciplinary effort by research and research funders. Research centres and Partners details how BBSRC and other organisations are already doing this.

 Thank you for visiting www.foodsecurity.ac.uk. I hope you will find the content here useful and engaging. Please use the comments section of this blog if you have any comments to make about the site.

About Professor Janet Allen

Professor Janet Allen is Director of Research at the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) since October 2008 and is leading for BBSRC in the area of food security.

Professor Allen trained initially in biochemistry and medicine. In addition to her highly successful career in senior appointments in medicine and academic research, she has held research directorships in the global pharmaceutical sector (with Parke Davis/Pfizer) and with an innovative biotech SME, (Inpharmatica). She has also established a spin-out company: Ligand Xpress Ltd.

Professor Allen was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2000. Her research interests are primarily in cell and molecular biology; and in 2002 she was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Glasgow and at Imperial College, London School of Medicine.

Contact details:

Professor Janet Allen
Director of Research
Polaris House
North Star Avenue

Tel: 01793 413267
Email: janet.allen@bbsrc.ac.uk

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