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African livestock for Africa

Let’s understand, utilise and conserve the indigenous cattle breeds, says Oliver Hanotte.

Olivier Hanotte

Livestock is and has been intertwined with African societies for centuries. They provide nutrition, labour, transport and fulfil major socio-cultural roles. It is estimated that 70% of Africa’s rural poor keep livestock and some 200M people rely on these animals for their livelihoods. Indigenous livestock are not only adapted to diverse African agro-ecological production systems – they are also unique and responsive genotypes shaped by the needs of African farmers.
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What is ‘natural’ food?

When it comes to food and farming, Mother Nature does not always know best, says Ottoline Leyser.

Ottoline Leyser
© The University of York

No one says to their children, “Go into the woods and eat anything you can find. It is all natural, so it must be good for you.” But for some reason when we walk into the supermarket ‘natural’ is a key selling point for all kinds of foods.

My favourite example is a sweetcorn you can buy that claims to be ‘naturally sweet’. This is an absurd idea.
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