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Don’t write off organics

More sustainable food production can be high yielding and will prepare us for an uncertain future, says Richard Jacobs.

Richard Jacobs

As we hurtle towards a world of peak oil production and phosphate depletion it’s easy to assume we have only technology, specifically genetic modification, to turn to in our efforts to ensure food security.

The numbers of people in the world who take seriously the notion that organic farming is part of the answer are certainly not in the majority.
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Generation X and agricultural education

There has never been a more urgent need to train scientists in the food security disciplines, says Christopher Thornton.

Dr Chris Thornton

Publication of the Royal Society report Reaping the benefits: Science and the sustainable intensification of global agriculture in October 2009 provided the clearest evidence yet of the immense challenge of ensuring global food security over the next 50 years.

Crop yields need to rise significantly, but in a manner that requires much lower energy inputs and less dependency on chemical intervention and fertilisers.
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We need to keep the food security situation in northern Nigeria and other affected West African states on the radar, says Robin Sanders.

Ambassador Robin Sanders

There have been few reports noting the growing food security issue that has arisen over the last few months in the West Africa Region. We all need to pay more attention to this so that it doesn’t turn into a regional crisis.

Affected countries in West Africa are doing their best to manage the ever-growing food security issues related to staple commodities, particularly grains. The US Agency for International Development has called this the “Hunger Gap” as many of the regions poor have already exhausted not only available food stores but are also not having access to affordable and adequate food (nutritional food). See the FEEEDS™ blog-itrrs page, defining the elements of food security.
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