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Sense and sustainability

Fresh from the Rio+20 conference, Tim Benton ponders the paradox of producing more with less.

Tim Benton

In the last weeks, I have attended an unsustainable flurry of meetings and discussions about sustainable intensification, sustainable agriculture or sustainable development (or all three together).

So what does “sustainable” mean, in the context of environment?

Agriculture, the world’s biggest industry, is rightly seen as the engine of development. It also generates the fuel, literally, that we all require.
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Embracing the complexity of food security

Effective policies need to consider interactions at multiple levels, say John Ingram and Tim Benton.

John Ingram

The way individuals and institutions react to environmental and other stresses affects food security at local, national and international levels. This was seen in the food price-spikes in 2007/08 where a combination of droughts affecting food production in some countries, food export restrictions in others, and speculation on world markets exacerbated hunger in many counties for extended periods around the world.
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