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Global Food Security Champion

Professor Tim Benton - University of Leeds

Prof Tim Benton is the 'Champion' for the UK’s Global Food Security programme. The role of the Champion is to act as a leader, coordinator and facilitator of the programme and to act as an ambassador both for the programme and the area, facilitating knowledge exchange between research and stakeholders in government, industry and society.

Professor Tim Benton. Image: University of Leeds

Professor Tim Benton.
Image: University of Leeds

The Global Food Security programme is a partnership of the UK’s main public funders of research in food security, including the Research Councils and UK Government departments, including Defra, DfID and the Food Standards’ Agency, as well as the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly Government. The role of the Global Food Security programme is to ensure that strategically important research is undertaken in related sciences, and to add value to research using interdisciplinary collaboration, alignment and engagement with communities of stakeholders.

Following undergraduate studies in Oxford and post graduate studies in Cambridge, Tim worked in the University of East Anglia, then the Universities of Stirling and Aberdeen before moving to Leeds in 2005. At Leeds, he has been head of his department and Pro-Dean for Research in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, and the Chair of Africa College, a University partnership with the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture in Africa. He has published over 100 papers, most tackling the core themes of agriculture’s environmental impact and more generally how ecological systems respond to environmental change. Tim is also a vocal advocate for the issues of how to manage increasing demand for food in a way that is sustainable.