A multi-agency programme bringing together the interests of the Research Councils, Executive Agencies and Government Departments.

About the programme

Introduction to the Global Food Security programme, the food security challenge and the added value of working together


Research in the Global Food Security programme is coordinated in multidisciplinary themes that cut across the remits of the funding partners


Global Food Security programme public panel
Agriculture Action Group of the UK Water Research Innovation Partnership
GFS-Foresight 100 Questions Workshop
GFS Programme: Questionnaire
International activities
Joint BBSRC-NERC Soil Science Centre for Doctoral Training
Priority research questions for the UK food system
Public dialogue
Soil and rhizosphere interactions for sustainable agri-ecosystems (GFS-SARISA)


Insight - the online publication. Providing balanced analysis on food research for policy-makers and practitioners
Insight, issue four: The UK Aquaculture industry (PDF 1.01MB)
Insight, issue three: Food price spikes and global food markets (PDF 1.1MB)
Insight, issue two: Severe weather (PDF 1.5MB)
, issue one: The importance of soils for ensuring food security (PDF 1.49MB)

The principles of healthy and sustainable eating patterns report (PDF 1.98MB)
Facing the future together (PDF 1.63MB)
Agriculture's impact on water availability (PDF 2.13MB)
Agriculture's impact on water quality (PDF 2.11MB)
Water use in our food imports (PDF 2.13MB)
Global Food Security Strategic Plan (2011-2016) (PDF 1MB)
Workshop report: Nexus thinking for food security research (PDF 3.45MB)
Food waste within global food systems (PDF 2.06MB)
Global Food Systems and UK Food Imports: Resilience, Safety and Security (PDF 523KB)
Food Research Partnership: Severe weather and UK food chain resilience (PDF 874KB)
Global Food Security Programme - A survey of public attitudes (PDF 1.22MB)
Global Food Security Programme - Exploring public views (PDF 1.14MB)

Governance and management

Programme Coordination Group
Global Food Security Champion
Strategy Advisory Board
Communications and Public Engagement Group

Sponsors and partners

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