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Research in the Global Food Security programme is coordinated through three interdisciplinary themes that cut across the remits of the funding partners.

Sustainable, affordable, safe, healthy food. 1. Resilience. 2. Sustainable production and supply. 3. 3.	Nutrition, health and wellbeing. Innovation and skills, infrastructure; international, user engagement and communication

1. Resilience

Securing a better understanding of how poor environmental and economic resilience leads to hunger, poverty and environmental degradation across the globe and how this might be addressed.

2. Sustainable production and supply

Including water, energy, nutrients and other inputs; land use and soils, with a particular focus on the sustainable use of resources; improving efficiency and reducing waste; farming systems; food production from crops and animals (including fish); food processing, quality, manufacture and distribution.

3. Nutrition, health and wellbeing

Including food safety and quality throughout the supply chain, nutrition, healthy and sustainable diets, consumer behaviour, food choice and accessibility.

All the themes are inter-related and synergistic. They address cross-cutting issues such as: innovation and the translation of research, the provision of skills, infrastructure for research, international collaboration and cooperation, and user engagement and communication.

More information on these themes and their priorities is available in the Global Food Security Strategic Plan (PDF 2.7MB).