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Video and audio help

How do I watch videos or listen to audio recordings?

Video and audio recordings are embedded within some pages of the website.

You can watch/listen to videos and audio recordings straight away by playing the recordings as streaming media.

Most videos sit within a player with visible button controls. For others, you may need to move your cursor over the video for the controls to appear. You can choose to play, stop or pause the recording. You can also turn audio on/off and adjust the volume level.

What do I need to watch videos or listen to audio recordings?

Our videos and audio recordings use Adobe Flash Player. If the video doesn't display, you may need to download the latest Flash Player from the Adobe website. You will also need to ensure JavaScript is turned on in your browser.

What is streaming?

Streaming describes the way your computer receives videos or audio files. When you play our videos your computer receives them as a continuous stream of data and software. Your computer plays this as a video or audio recording.

Are there any transcripts?

Transcripts are available for each video and audio recording. Links are provided to transcripts from every page that contains a video and/or audio recording.

I cannot see and/or hear the videos or audio recordings

Check that you have the latest version of Flash Player (see the Adobe website) and that you have JavaScript enabled in your browser.