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Speak Up for Food Security – Five Stories for Change

The winner for GFS’s 2021 research storytelling competition, Speak UP for Food Security – Five Stories for Change, has been announced. In honour of the UK hosting COP26, this year’s competition aimed to equip UKRI early career researchers with the knowledge and skills to not only inform climate action in the food system, but to inspire it as well.

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The food system is a vital part of the climate solution

The UN recently stated that it finds ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’ with current global commitments to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In anticipation of the conclusion of COP27, here is a recap from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released in April 2022. This looks at possible solutions and mitigation strategies in response to the changing climate, including what role the food system can play in our fight against climate change.


Farm of hydroponic plantation, plants in nursery tray.

GFS has launched a major interdisciplinary research programme to help policymakers and practitioners optimise the resilience of the UK’s food system to environmental, biological, economic, social and geopolitical shocks.

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