Present thanks, future plans

A digest of the Global Food Security website and blog. Arran Frood reviews.

Arran Frood

It’s been more than two years now since the Global Food Security (GFS) website, and this blog, was launched.

This short post I hope will serve as a big ‘thank you’ to everyone involved, highlight some of the content we have published during this time, and most importantly flag some recent improvements, such as the new blog post ‘notification by email’ box to the right, and our Twitter feed: @FoodSecurityUK.
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Welcome to www.foodsecurity.ac.uk – a new destination on the web for information about the looming food security crisis facing the world and the research underway to help us all to have access to safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainably produced food. 

Whether you live in an affluent western country and get your food in the weekly shop from the supermarket or are a subsistence farmer in the developing world, the challenge of food security will change your life in the coming years. 

This website aims to bring together articles, video and blog posts for anyone interested in understanding more about food security issues and research.
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