About us

What we do

Interdisciplinary and whole system approaches to research on UK and global food systems are cornerstones of the GFS programme.

GFS coordinates scientific research supported by its partners across government departments and agencies, the devolved administrations, research councils and Innovate UK. We build on partners’ existing activities, aiming to add value to their current and future investments, and complementing their individual strategies.

GFS facilitates new interdisciplinary research to address food system challenges, and provides a platform for working in partnership with a wide variety of stakeholders and users, both internationally and in the UK. The programme also supports effective translation of research for use by food producers and processors, retailers, consumers and government, enabling them to respond to and manage the challenges facing the UK food system as well as related global issues, including the many challenges confronting the developing world in the face of environmental and demographic change.

Our vision

Our vision is to integrate, coordinate and disseminate research that will be influential in supporting food security goals. We will raise the profile of the food security challenge and ensure it remains high on the political and business agenda, particularly in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Climate Agreement and the changing political environment.

We will provide thought leadership, horizon scan for emerging challenges, and facilitate new interdisciplinary research. We will synthesise and translate knowledge into policy and practice, maintaining our reputation as a credible and independent source of evidence and analysis. We will influence and build on individual partner strategies, taking holistic approaches to research on food systems. We will look both to the shorter term and the longer term, encourage innovation and provide a focus for UK contributions to wider international efforts.

Who we are

The GFS team coordinates programme activity. The partners and affiliates in the programme are: