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Science Advisory Group meeting 2018

On 30th April GFS held its second annual Science Advisory Group meeting in London. This one-day workshop brought together a variety of system-thinking experts from across the food system to discuss the current events and recent scientific advancements that are likely to impact the global and UK food security landscapes in the future. The group then agreed on 10 priority research questions for the food system, which GFS programme activities will aim to address. These priority research questions will be published in our next Horizon Scanning Report. Find out more about the governance of the GFS programme.

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Food Security finalists listed for prestigious BBSRC Innovator of the Year Awards

Five innovation projects that directly seek to enhance food security have been shortlisted for the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council’s (BBSRC) prestigious Innovator of the Year Awards. BBSRC leads on the Global Food Security programme, which is hosted by UK Research and Innovation.

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Bananas at a Crossroads

Bananas, the UK’s favourite fruit, appear at first glance to be among our most reliable and resilient fresh produce. They are stocked in every supermarket on every day of the year, and their price seldom varies by more than a few pence per kilo. But beneath this apparently smooth and steady supply lies a complex international network affected by extreme weather, plant disease, social and political shifts, and the looming threat of climate change.

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GFS has launched a major interdisciplinary research programme to help policymakers and practitioners optimise the resilience of the UK’s food system to environmental, biological, economic, social and geopolitical shocks.

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