Research and innovation

Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme Joint Fellowship

The Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme is delighted to welcome new fellow, Dr Bethan Mead, to the programme. Supported by the Food Standards Agency at the University of Liverpool, the post will involve research into understanding consumer and stakeholder perception of urban grown food and alternative proteins, to inform safe adoption and best practice.

Markets and prices

GFS policy lab team present their findings at COP26

A new policy-facing GFS report by Early Career Researchers from across UKRI is being released at the United Nations COP26 Climate Change conference. This report explores if True Cost Accounting can be a useful tool to help reduce the food we waste and offers policy recommendations to help eliminate food loss and waste.


Future-proofing the food system to tackle global challenges

The Global Food Security programme has published a scenarios report exploring potential transformation pathways to align the UK food system with global agreements. Through stimulating thought and discussion about the future of the UK food system, this report aims to help policymakers navigate uncertainty, facilitate long-term decision-making, and inspire immediate action.