Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme Joint Fellowship

The Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme is delighted to welcome new fellow, Dr Bethan Mead, to the programme. Supported by the Food Standards Agency at the University of Liverpool, the post will involve research into understanding consumer and stakeholder perception of urban grown food and alternative proteins, to inform safe adoption and best practice.

Stress to success: the behaviour of resilient vegetables under climate change  

2021 is a year of converging events; the UK is hosting the COP26 climate change conference, the UN COP15 conference focusing on biodiversity has just passed, and the international year of fruit and vegetables is in full swing. To celebrate these events, Dr Olivia Cousins shares the importance of maintaining and using the biological diversity of vegetable crops so that they can endure the stresses of our changing climate.

Cover of the report Mapping the UK Food System

Mapping the UK food system

This is the inaugural report from the ‘Transforming the UK food system for healthy people and a healthy environment’ SPF programme. The report maps and quantifies the UK food system and details the value of the agri-food sector and the multiple challenges it faces.

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