Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme Joint Fellowship

The Transforming UK Food Systems SPF Programme is delighted to welcome new fellow, Dr Bethan Mead, to the programme. Supported by the Food Standards Agency at the University of Liverpool, the post will involve research into understanding consumer and stakeholder perception of urban grown food and alternative proteins, to inform safe adoption and best practice.

2021 Policy Lab Workshop Update and Winning Team

The 2021 GFS Policy Lab ran over 3 days in April bringing together early career researchers from a range of disciplines to discuss how to reduce food loss and waste to contribute to net zero emissions from the food system.

Background – Food Systems SPF

We need to think differently about food. Poor diet is the biggest risk factor for early deaths worldwide, leading to 1 in 7 deaths in Britain every year. Human biology is failing to keep pace with the increasingly obesogenic food environment, with foods high in fat, sugar and salt making up just over half of all meals consumed in the average UK household.

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