Future Trade Scenarios and the Impact on Agricultural Economies

This report from the International Sustainable Temperate Agriculture Network (TempAg) uses a scenario exercise to explore how economic, social, environmental and political drivers may impact future trade, and how these in turn might shape agricultural economies, and their research agendas, globally.

TempAg was an international collaborative research network established to increase the impact of agricultural research in the world’s temperate regions. The network was established in April 2015 with support from the OECD Global Science Forum. The network’s activity was jointly coordinated by the Global Food Security (GFS) programme and INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research, France).

A tool in the toolkit: Can true cost accounting remove siloed thinking about food loss and waste?

This Think Piece explores the social, economic and environmental costs of food loss and waste. The report sets out policy recommendations to reduce the food that is wasted throughout the food system based around the principles of True Cost Accounting.

This work was funded by the Global Food Security (GFS) programme as part of the GFS Policy Lab, in which Early Career Researchers compete to write a policy-facing report for the programme.

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GFS policy lab team present their findings at COP26

A new policy-facing GFS report by Early Career Researchers from across UKRI is being released at the United Nations COP26 Climate Change conference. This report explores if True Cost Accounting can be a useful tool to help reduce the food we waste and offers policy recommendations to help eliminate food loss and waste.

What would a transformational approach to Food Public Procurement look like?

This report, produced as part of a project for the ‘Transforming UK Food Systems Programme’ to explore policy levers for food systems transformation, presents a case study on food public procurement (FPP), examined through the lens of food system transformation.

Food Systems Transformation: What’s in the policy toolbox?

This report from the ‘Transforming UK Food Systems Programme’ presents an overarching map of policy levers, a simplified categorisation of types of policy lever, and analysis of policy lever interactions, offering a common ‘toolbox’ organising framework to be used to support cross-system conversations, research and action.