A diagram to show the governance structure of the Global Food Security Programme, including the Strategy Advisory Board, Programme Coordination Group and Science Advisory Group.

The Programme Coordination Group coordinates activities and maintains awareness of links with other relevant programmes. This group comprises the UK’s main public funders of agri-food research and oversees the delivery of specific work packages developed under the programme to address key priorities, led by the GFS Secretariat. The group co-opts or draws on the advice of others to bring in additional scientific, stakeholder or other expertise as required. Related groups and networks feed into the programme via the programme partners and secretariat.

The Strategy Advisory Board is drawn from senior stakeholder representatives to provide independent advice and guidance on the strategic direction of the programme and on technical issues.  High-level strategic advice is also provided by the Ministerial-led Agri-Food Technology Council and the Food Innovation Network to ensure collaboration and coordination, and to ensure research is policy relevant and meets industry needs.

The Science Advisory Group provides detailed advice on specific activities, as well as providing a horizon-scanning function to ensure the programme is working on the most cutting-edge activities. The group operates virtually but is brought together on an annual basis for horizon-scanning activities.


Programme Coordination Group

Harriet Trewin – BBSRC (Chair)
Riaz Bhunnoo – GFS (Vice-Chair)
Andrew Hellewell – BBSRC
Mark Tarplee – EPSRC
Susie Stevenson – ESRC
Kathryn Miller – Innovate UK
Andy Cureton – Innovate UK (Transforming Food Production ISCF)
Karen Finney – MRC
Oliver Knevitt – NERC
Duncan Harding – Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Duncan Barker – Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
Elizabeth Warham – Department for International Trade
Erica Pufall – Food Standards Agency
Pete Falloon – Met Office
Jennifer Garry – UKHSA
Modi Mwatsama – Wellcome Trust
Graeme Beale – Agriculture and Rural Affairs Social Research, Scottish Government
Caroline Fallone – Welsh Government
Alistair Carson – Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Affairs, Northern Ireland Executive

Strategy Advisory Board

Sir John Beddington (Chair)
Judith Batchelar – Sainsbury’s
Bill Parker- AHDB
Lawrence Haddad – GAIN
David Gregory – Acoura
Tim Benton – University of Leeds
Jenny Rosborough– Jamie Oliver
Andrew Griffiths– Nestlé
Ben Reynolds– Sustain
Clare Matterson– Natural History Museum
Judy Buttriss– British Nutrition Foundation
Heather Hancock– University of Cambridge

Science Advisory Group

Tim Benton – Chatham House (Chair)
Andy Challinor – University of Leeds
John Crawford – University of Glasgow
Alan Dangour – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Michelle Holdsworth – University of Sheffield
John Ingram –University of Oxford
Aled Jones – Anglia Ruskin University
Jennie Macdiarmid – The Rowett Institute,  University of Aberdeen
Pete Smith – University of Aberdeen
Richard Tiffin – University of Reading
Cristobal Uauy – John Innes Centre

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