Working group of crop breeders and climate modellers launched

In March 2019 GFS brought together experts from crop breeding and climate modelling disciplines for the first Crop Climate Working Group workshop. Seventeen representatives from commercial companies, universities, the Met Office and research institutions across the UK joined the GFS team. The workshop was chaired by Dr Alison Bentley, Head of Genetics and Breeding at NIAB, and Professor of Climate Impacts Andrew Challinor from the University of Leeds.

Until now crop breeders and climate modellers have worked relatively independently, so the aim of this working group is to improve communication and information sharing between the two groups. This will provide climate modellers with a clear understanding of the type of information that crop breeders need, and will provide crop breeders with robust climate predictions enabling them to breed crops that are resilient and adaptable in the face of changing climates, ensuring the security of our future food system. Gaps in research or capability will be identified and shared with policy makers and research funders, through the use of world-wide case studies and by identifying cross cutting themes and opportunities.

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