GFS Strategy Refresh

The Global Food Security programme is currently updating its strategy, in an ongoing process led by Jude Powell, Senior Portfolio Manager. GFS are refreshing the publication in light of the changed landscape since the last strategy was released, including the formation of UK Research and Innovation, the UK departure from the EU, and the publication of the National Food Strategy (and devolved government responses). This strategy refresh will be shaped in part by: the GFS Programme Coordination Group, made up of the main funders of food security research; the GFS Strategy Advisory Board , comprising high level food system stakeholders; and the GFS Science Advisory Group, of academics involved in high impact food security research.

As of July 2021, GFS has met with the Programme Coordination Group who have provided their input into what success looks like for the GFS programme and the value GFS provides, as well as identifying key interdisciplinary research priority areas. The Strategy Advisory Board has also been refreshed and will provide insights from a broad range of food system stakeholders.

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The UN recently stated that it finds ‘no credible pathway to 1.5C in place’ with current global commitments to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In anticipation of the conclusion of COP27, here is a recap from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released in April 2022. This looks at possible solutions and mitigation strategies in response to the changing climate, including what role the food system can play in our fight against climate change.

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