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Food systems, interdisciplinary research and the Global Challenges Research Fund

The new GCRF hubs call is a huge investment in interdisciplinary research, with plans to fund a dozen £8 million-£20 million grants to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing developing countries. Riaz Bhunnoo, Head of Global Food Security, explains why this presents a great opportunity for research in food security, which cuts across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and necessitates a ‘food systems’ approach.

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Ensuring future food security in the face of climate change

The risk of extreme weather hitting several major food producing regions of the world at the same time could triple by 2040. This was the major finding from a GFS report on extreme weather and the food system, which was presented at the AAAS meeting and at the US Senate.

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Strategic approach to soil science

GFS has catalysed a strategic approach to soil science which has helped galvanise investment in research and training. UK soils are worth £5.3 billion to our economy – 2.2 million tonnes of topsoil is lost each year in the UK costing farmers £9 million.

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Protecting animal and human health in emerging livestock systems

GFS has helped facilitate an £18.5 million multidisciplinary research initiative to help protect animal and human health in the face of emerging livestock farming systems. Meat demand is predicted to rise by 40% in 2030 and there are significant risks to health associated with the rapidly changing nature of livestock farming systems to meet demand: 60% of human pathogens and 75% of emerging diseases are zoonotic.


Catalysing research on sustainable fish supplies

GFS has helped catalyse joint investments in aquaculture, an industry which produces 46% of the total food fish supply, is worth £71 million ($106 million) and has the potential to relieve the strain on wild ocean fish stocks.

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Galvanising action to address food waste

A GFS report on ‘Food Waste within Global Systems’ reached over 22 million people through radio, newsprint, social media, and TV. UK households throw away the equivalent of 24 meals a month, adding up to 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year that could have been consumed, at an annual cost of £720 per household.

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Setting the EU’s food security research agenda

GFS has played a leading role in discussions around the EU’s food security research priorities through the Expo event: Feeding the Planet, Energy for life. GFS led on the ‘EU research and global food and nutrition security’ discussion paper as part of an EU Scientific Steering Committee. This paper served as the basis for dialogue on food security research priorities with stakeholders at the Expo event.