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Science Advisory Group workshop

Science Advisory Group workshop

This interdisciplinary group met to determine the game-changing developments to date, to agree a list of priority research questions for the food system, and to explore how these questions might be addressed through GFS programme activity.


The Global Food Security programme team.

UK-US Taskforce

In 2014, GFS established a UK-US Taskforce on Resilience of the Agri-Food System to Extreme Weather Events in collaboration with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Science and Innovation Network (SIN).

UK-China workshop, Beijing

UK-China workshop, Beijing

GFS collaborated with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in Beijing to hold the UK-China workshop on extreme weather and global food system resilience.

From left to right: Dr Ruth Wade (The University of Sheffield), Dr Alison Scott-Brown (Kew Gardens), Dr Sofia Cota-Franco (Newcastle University), Dr Rory O’Connor (University of Reading), and Dr Ben Keane (University of York)

GFS Policy Lab group funded

A team from the Policy Lab workshop were awarded a prize of £5,000 to produce a report examining how we can provide food alongside other ecosystem services, incorporating examples of best practice from other countries.


Publications, reports, resources and reviews from the Global Food Security programme.