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GFS Taskforce on Paris-compliant healthy food systems

A new interdisciplinary Taskforce has been initiated to advance thinking on Paris-compliant healthy food systems through a futures mapping exercise. This work will develop a clearer picture of what a Paris-compliant healthy food system might look like in practice, identifying a number of plausible futures, the food system transformation pathways for achieving these scenarios and the associated research and policy challenges.

gut bacteria

Understanding the gut microbiome

This project will synthesise current understanding of the human gut microbiome, exploring recent scientific advances in defining and analysing microbiomes as well as evidence for the role of the microbiome in human health and nutrition.

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Supporting connectivity across national food policy

This project will explore connectivity in national-level policy and governance structures that support key UK Government food system objectives, identifying opportunities for greater coordination to optimise decision making processes and provide greater support towards reaching food security goals.

From left to right: Dr Ruth Wade (The University of Sheffield), Dr Alison Scott-Brown (Kew Gardens), Dr Sofia Cota-Franco (Newcastle University), Dr Rory O’Connor (University of Reading), and Dr Ben Keane (University of York)

GFS Policy Lab group funded

A team from the Policy Lab workshop were awarded a prize of £5,000 to produce a report examining how we can provide food alongside other ecosystem services, incorporating examples of best practice from other countries.

GFS Policy Lab workshop

GFS Policy Lab on multi-functional landscapes

An interdisciplinary group of researchers attended a three day workshop, forming small groups to consider future priorities for policy to better support multi-functional landscapes. One group was awarded £5,000 to develop a Policy Lab report and journal publication based on their work.

Science Advisory Group workshop

Science Advisory Group workshop

This interdisciplinary group met to determine the game-changing developments to date, to agree a list of priority research questions for the food system, and to explore how these questions might be addressed through GFS programme activity.

TempAg Foresight workshop report

TempAg Governing Board meeting

The TempAg Governing Board met in Paris to discuss outcomes and recommendations from the Foresight workshop report, and how these recommendations could develop into future activity. Professor Peter Gregory, who has chaired TempAg since its inception, announced that he will be stepping down as TempAg Chair and will be replaced by Professor Tim Benton (University of Leeds).