Youth Food Environments: Changing Sport Sponsorships to Protect Our Health

To celebrate the 2021 UN International Youth Day, on Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health, GFS presents blog posts from young people involved in transforming the UK food system. Jacob Rosenberg, member of Bite Back’s youth board, discusses the importance of the environments that shape and influence the food young people buy and eat.

A food systems approach to policy for health and sustainability

This report highlights the significant benefits for policymaking from a food systems approach. Thinking systemically and at an interdisciplinary level can help ensure that challenges are tackled from multiple perspectives and in a holistic way. Such an approach provides a way of identifying win-wins, managing trade-offs and mitigating less desirable outcomes, enabling stronger policy coherence across agriculture, nutrition, health, trade, climate and the environment, in both businesses and governments around the world.

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Participants in the GFS Policy Lab on the determinants of food choice for healthy and sustainable diets

Policy lab on the determinants of food choice for a healthy and sustainable diet

In March GFS ran a three-day Policy Lab for early career researchers, exploring the biological, social, environmental, physical and economic determinants of food choice in the UK and globally. After a series of expert talks, the delegates were posed the question: considering the different drivers of food choice, what combination of interventions across the food system would have the most impact in encouraging healthier and more sustainable diets?